Brody’s Story

Kayce and I found out we were going to have a boy May of 2017. It was no hesitation we were going to name him Jefferson Brody Bates after my brother and call him Brody. The images of a lil blond haired boy following my brother like a shadow was repeated by Brody. For 2 years he did almost everything with me. As he got older he began to follow me like a shadow. He made me hold him when I cut the grass, ran the back pack blower, eat my dinner or did anything.

He wouldn’t leave my side unless he was asleep.

Brody Bates Foundation Mission
Our Mission

We understand the emotional and financial pain that comes from losing a child. The Brody Bates Foundation Mission is to help others that have been through the same difficult process with the hope that Brody’s Story will impact others’ lives and college educations.

Through this mission, our goal is to provide college scholarships to area high school seniors that have lost a sibling. 



Youth fishing tournament created in honor of Brody Bates. Through the Student Angler League Tournament Trail (SALTT) middle and high school students can participate with the chance to win scholarship money.


Events in time that appear coincidental but are aligned by the love of God


Goddisms that you can clearly see and experience

Healing Process

We continue to see Goddisms and Godwinks throughout our healing process. Hopefully you can share this story to help others and keep an eye out for some good Goddisms and Godwinks!!!!

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